August 12t, 2018

3 PM - 9 PM

House of Yes

2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237


Wild Carnival

In partnership with Brasil Summerfest

A taste of the

Pernambuco carnival



Saravá! Wild Carnival is a dance party inspired by the multitude of rhythms, dances, characters, and rituals of the famous carnival of Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil. The state is where grew up the iconic Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, the muse of .BR's upcoming immersive theater production, Inside the Wild Heart opening on October 2018.




Four top Brazilian DJs will get the crowd moving with a variety of the best of Brazilian carnival dance music; Eduardo Brechó, Patrictør4, Tutu Moraes and Tahira.


Maracatu NY and Batalá New York will bring the live drums to set the dancefloor on fire.

DJ Tahira • Tutu Moraes

Eduardo Brechó • Patrictør4


Sérgio Krakowski • Maracatu NY

Batalá New York


Performances • Puppets

Art Installations


Andressa Furletti • Debora Balardini

Fabiana Mattedi • Ibsen Santos

Gio Mielle • Mirko Faienza

Yasmin Santana


Adding to the artistic feeling from House of Yes, the party will have a theatrical approach to Brazilian culture that has been the company’s signature, featuring performances, big puppets, and art installations inspired by the Pernambuco carnival and the works of Clarice Lispector.



Partygoers are invited to add to the mix by proposing to bring their own "bloco de carnaval", a group of people offering some form of entertainment to the crowd, being through music, dance or play - a big Pernambuco carnival tradition. Blocos will have access to discounted tickets.


We invite everyone to gather some friends and create their own "bloco de carnaval" and be an active participant of Saravá! Wild Carnival.

Blocos de Carnaval


“If you were you, how would you be

and what would you do?”

Clarice Lispector



Extravagant  •  Funny  •  Daring

Comfortable  •  Unique  •  Glamorous

Silly  •  Creative  •  Simple  •  Festive

Elaborated  •  Masks  •  Freeing  •  

We highly recommend bringing bathing suits!

There is an outside shower and jacuzzy and since it's carnival, you will probably want to get wet.


In some Afro-Brazilian religions, Saravá is used as a mantra to invoke the force that moves nature.

It can also be used as a greeting that would translate intosave your force” but also means "welcome".


Saravá! Wild Carnival is presented in partnership with Brasil Summerfest, the largest contemporary Brazilian music and arts festival in the world and will be its closing party.


From July 29th through August 12th, 2018 Brasil Summerfest will present Brazilian films, workshops, parties, talks, a street fair and many musical performances.


Among the highlights are Hamilton de Holanda, Roberta Sá, Rodrigo Amarante, Seu Jorge and Baiana System.


House of Yes is known for being a temple of expression dedicated to connection, creativity and celebrating life. The collective of artists behind of the voted best venue of the northeast by the DJ Mag, believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space, that performance, dance and art can inspire and heal us, that the world can be a better place, that weird is wonderful and that consent is essential





Spend an afternoon with Group .BR's artistic director Andressa Furletti making your own mask while savoring caipirinhas!


Available only as a perk in our crowdfunding campaign. This contribution will benefit other two organizations empowering immigrants.


dance feelings

Join Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini as they teach the feeling and basics steps of some of the Pernambuco rhythms you'll hear at Saravá! Wild Carnival.


It will end in a Brazilian dance jam, so come ready to have fun! This is a free event and space is limited, please RSVP.



Pernambuco state is known for its strong cultural diversity. It mixes European, African and Indigenous cultures to create unique music rhythms, dances, folk characters, and rituals. During the carnival, the uniqueness of this state is heightened. All cultural expressions are celebrated and people express themselves to the fullest in pure ecstasy and joy.






Saravá! Wild Carnival has space for food vendors and business interested in showing products and services. Please contact Roberta Fernades to discuss a possible partnership.


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If you are artist interested in showcasing your art at Saravá! Wild Carnival or interested in being part of the performances at the party, please contact Andressa Furletti