December 10th, 1920

In a village in Ukraine, a baby girl was born in a Jewish family with the hope she could save her mother from a terrible disease she got after being raped by Russian soldiers. The family soon moved to Brazil escaping the horrors of the Pogroms and seeking a new and better life. That little girl grew up believing the stories she created had the power to heal her mother. That was how Clarice Lispector started her journey to become one of the greatest Brazilian writers. A woman ahead of her time, with a unique style, a full body of work and translations in many languages, Lispector is finally getting her deserved international recognition as one of the most important writers of our times.

2019 edition


Group .BR, NY's only Brazilian theater company, is once again partnering with Moreira Salles Institute from Brazil to bring to New York Clarice's Hour (Hora de Clarice), a worldwide celebration of Clarice Lispector's birthday.


You are invited to celebrate her life and work in a pleasant lunch at Brazil Brazil Restaurant filled with art, performance and tasty Brazilian food. 

Enjoy the $5 drinks special as you hear some of Clarice's texts performed by some of the actors of the show Inside the Wild Heart, and immersive theatrical experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector.


There will be art and books available for sale that will not only make a perfect holiday gift but also support the production of Inside the Wild Heart in 2020, year of the celebration of Clarice Lispector's centennial. 


"Sentence by sentence, page by page, Lispector is exhilaratingly, arrestingly strange, but her perceptions come so fast, veer so wildly between the mundane and the metaphysical, that after a while you don’t know where you are, either in the book or in the world."



Andressa Furletti, Debora Balardini, Fabiana Mattedi, Mirko Faienza, Monica Vilela, Patricia Faoli, and Gonçalo Ruivo.

Brazil Brazil Restaurant

The most authentic Brazilian restaurant in the heart of Manhattan with a traditional Brazilian lunch menu and $5 drinks (beer, wine, and caipirinha). 

Click HERE for menu and prices

Clarice's Hour 2019 is supported by the Nancy Quinn Fund, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York)

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Award Nominations from 2017's Event

Five finalists at the Brazilian International
Press Awards 2018


Clarice's Hour

Nominated Best Cultural Event


Nominated Best Cultural Institution

Andressa Furletti

Nominated Best Actress

Yasmin Santana

Nominated Best Actress

Fabiana Mattedi

Nominated Best Actress


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