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We're proud to offer a variety of workshops geared not only to artists but also to the general public. We also offer consultancy and tailored workshops for specific needs such as physical acting, self-expression, team building, creativity, and theater production. 



This workshop will give you some tools and guides on how to put an Off-Off or Off-Broadaway show in New York. It is specially geared towards independents artists seeking to put out their own show and producers starting in the field or wanting to tour their show in NY.  

This upcoming workshop will be hosted online only. 

April 2020

exact date tba

coming soon


No, you don’t have to master the steps from the Brazilian rhythms to have lots of fun at one of our Saravá! parties. All you need is to get that feeling of it. Each workshop is related to the theme and music styles of the parties.

Due to the measures to prevent the COVID-19 spread, we have postponed this workshop

coming soon



Stella Adler, one of the most influential acting teachers of the US, believed that “growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous". We couldn't agree more. 

In the workshop The Body: A Force for Change, where we will share some of the theater games and exercises that made us grow as performers and as human beings.

Created in a safe environment for self-expression and discovery through movement, vocal work and theater games, this workshop is geared towards the general public. Participants are expected to make mistakes, exercise their creativity and have a fun time!

Due to the measures to prevent the COVID-19 spread, we have postponed this workshop

coming soon


You are more crafty than you think. All you need is a couple of evenings savoring some Brazilian treats as you create your own mask from scratch. There will be no right or wrong, just let your creativity loose and surprise yourself with the result. On the first night, we will create the base of the mask and on the second night, we will paint and decorate it.

February, 2021

exact date tba

coming soon
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