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Tickets now on sale!

Sunday, June 16th
3:00 PM - 11:00 PM
at House of Yes

2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

Hey, our last Opa! parties were sold out, get your tickets now!

Saravá! São João by Livia Sá

YES, there will be

Festa de São João!

Come have a bite of Brazil’s biggest celebration right after the carnival, the Festa Junina (June Party) also known as Festa de São João (Saint John the Baptist Party). 


Brought to Brazil by the Portuguese, this harvest celebration mixed with African and Indigenous traditions to become a unique and diverse Brazilian cultural manifestation.


Dive into an eight-hour festa junina experience!


Feel the rhythm of Brazil with live performances from the acclaimed Forró in The Dark and the dynamic ensemble Mambembé featuring special guest Marcos Costa. The air will buzz with beats from top DJs, including Greg Caz, Gaspar Muniz, and Tietta, spinning a mix of traditional and contemporary Brazilian rhythms guaranteed to get everyone dancing.


Forró in the Dark • Mambembé + Marcos Costa

Greg Caz • Tietta

Gaspar Muniz


 Performances + Brazilian digital artists powered by Tezos

Visual arts presented by

Angelica Walker Projects


Forró and quadrilha crash workshop with Sabrina Evangelista

Group mock wedding, quadrilha and quadrilha queen competition led by Pietra Parker 

Explore 'Brazilian Lace in Ritual Costumes' by Luz Castaneda, a visual arts exhibition presented by Angelica Walker Projects. Dive into the digital realm with Brazilian Digital Arts showcased by Group Dot BR and powered by Tezos and sponsored by Tezos Commons.

Characters of the Festa Junina party, performed by Andressa Furletti, Douglas Tholedo, Fabiana Mattedi, Juliana Silva, Júlio Kaczam, Marcio Fein and Tatiana Birenbaum will be around enticing people to engage in a variety of fun activities. 

Sabrina Evangelista will lead a forró and quadrilha crash course to get you ready to join an impromptu mock wedding, quadrilha, and quadrilha queen competition by the talented Brazilian drag queen Pietra Parker.

Performance and Art

Tantalize your taste buds with authentic flavors from Andréa’s Brazilian Homemade Goods, Mariana Tamiozzy Vegan Chef, and Queijo Mel, offering a delightful culinary experience.

Tantalize your taste buds with authentic flavors from Andréa’s Brazilian Homemade Goods, Mariana Tamiozzy Vegan Chef, and Queijo Mel, offering a delightful culinary experience.

Parents, we’ve got you covered! Kids can join the festivities from 3 - 6 PM. 21 + after 6 PM.

Saravá! São João by Livia Sá

Food by Andrea's Brazilian Homemade Goods, Mari Tamiozzy Vegan Chef and Queijo Mel

Costume and makeup station

Fashion by Connection Boutique

Dress for Fun


You don’t have to dress up,

but why wouldn’t you?

Need some inspiration? 

Saravá! São João by Livia Sá

House of Yes is known for being a temple of expression dedicated to connection, creativity and celebrating life. The collective of artists behind of the voted best venue of the northeast by the DJ Mag, believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space, that performance, dance and art can inspire and heal us, that the world can be a better place, that weird is wonderful and that consent is essential

House of Yes

São João parties


Artistic Director

Andressa Furletti

Executive Director

Debora Balardini


Andressa Furletti • Debora Balardini • Monica Vilela

Stage Manager

Camila Talevi


Jacqueline Caruso

Graphic Designer

Raquel Alvarenga


Andrea's Brazilian Homemade Goods

Mari Tamiozzy Vegan Chef

Queijo Mel


Connection Boutique



Vivian Mohallen

Brazilian Visual Arts

presented by

Angelica Walker Projects

Group Dor BR

 Forró and Quadrilha Class

Sabrina Evangelista




This event is supported in part by the NYSCA-A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund (A Statewide Theatre Regrant Program), Tezos Commons, and is raising funds for Group Dot BR’s theater productions.


Most of the materials used to create the set and costumes for Opa! São João are repurposed and  donated by Materials for the Arts

Saravá! São João by Livia Sá
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 1.14.38 PM.png

"We want to give the party attendees a taste of these festivities and get people to know more about this important celebration of Brazilian culture".

Andressa Furletti

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