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The current global health crisis deeply impacted arts and culture. Many artists and arts organizations have lost economic and social stability. The hardship for immigrant artists may be even greater and that includes the artistic Brazilian community. With that in mind, we are compelled to take action and try to fulfill a need that has not been met by creating the Group .BR New York Artists Fund. This fund will allow us to offer a one-time, first-come-first-served $250 donation to Brazilian artists in New York impacted by COVID-19. Also, it will support Group .BR’s operations and online programming during restricted times of face-to-face events allowing us to pay the artists involved. 


In these challenging times artists have stepped up to uplift our spirits with online programming and live streaming events, and we are all talking about books, films, series, music, and all art forms that are supporting us. The importance of art is right on our faces. Now it is the time to show appreciation and give back the support.


We hope to help as many artists as possible. The more you give, the more we give.

Click on the button below if you want to make a contribution to the Group .BR NY Brazilian Artists Fund

For checks click here.


If you would like to donate by check please contact us at so we can give you the information.   





To be eligible to receive the Group .BR NY Artists Fund, applicants must be:


  • A Brazilian artist living in New York State with a sustained commitment to their art form. 

  • Experiencing financial emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • 18 years of age or older;

  • Able to share this fundraiser on their social media or email it to more than 10 people. 

  • Able to receive funds through PayPal or Zelle.

  • Not be a full-time employee, member or immediate family member of Group .BR's board of directors or executive board.  

  • Not previously awarded a relief grant from this fund.


  • Please note that Group .BR administrative officers will make final eligibility determinations as needed. 

  • We strive to fulfill every request with a flat amount of US$250 on a first-come-first-serve basis. Basically, if artists ask for it, we will grant it to them as long as we have the necessary funds.  The only limiting factor to support the artists is the amount of money we raise. 

  • We plan to continue to collect and distribute funds as long as there are funds available and the need is evident.

  • Email with questions or concerns and someone on the team will try to respond as quickly as possible. We’re trying to keep up with all messages, but as this spreads fast it may become difficult. 




How funds are handled and disbursed?


  • Group .BR will receive funds through PayPal (using major credit cards) or checks (please contact for instructions) which will go through Group .BR’s bank account for accountability. After discounted processing fees in the event of donations through PayPal, the money received will be disbursed in the following manner:


    • 20% will be used to cover costs associated with handling the Group .BR New York Brazilian Artists Fund and to support Group .BR’s operations and programming.  

    • 80% will be fully donated to the artists who applied and are proved eligible to receive the donation. 


  • Funds will be disbursed to artists through PayPal and Zelle. There will be no cash or check disbursement. 


How will you avoid people who are not artists, not Brazilians, and not based in NY to receive funds?


  • In order to apply, applicants must provide proof of citizenship, artistry, and address.


How will artists know if they will receive funds?


  • We will contact the artists who are next in line to receive funds. If the artist applied and hasn't heard from us yet it is because funds are not yet available. If the artist desires to know their place in line just send us an email at Recipients will be publicly announced on our social media. 


When will artists receive funds?


  • Funds will be disbursed on a biweekly basis according to its availability. We want to make sure artists receive funds as fast as possible so we may be able to make them available sooner. But, since we have a short staff, our commitment is to make payments every two weeks. 



  • If you can help, give by making a donation. Every dollar helps!

  • Share this campaign link with a short personal post about why this fundraising campaign is important to you.

  • Invite others directly to donate and to apply.

  • Help us find donors and supporters.

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