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During lockdown in 2020, we continued the celebration of Clarice Lispector's centennial with weekly online readings

We had the honor and the privilege to have a very supportive and engaged community to help us to keep us going during lockdown times. To continue our mission of presenting Brazilian culture to performing arts and to help lift the spirits we created the Happy Hour Online with readings of texts by Clarice Lispector celebrating her centennial. In total, we hosted 33 events over Zoom on Wednesday nights and served over 500 participants. 

We want to send our gratitude to everyone who joined us in this new endeavor and special thanks to all the amazing artists who read with us:

March 26th

Andressa FurlettiDebora Balardini, and Fabiana Mattedi

March 31st

Debora Balardini, Gonçalo Ruivo, and Mirko Faienza

April 8th

Andressa Furletti, Fabiano Nunes, Monica Vilela and Sabine Villatore

April 15th⠀

Fabiana Mattedi, Laura Gomez, and Mirko Faienza 

April 22nd

Laila Garroni, Ana Moioli, and Monica Vilela


April 29th

Mila Burns, Debora Balardini, Sandro Isaack

May 6th

Debora Balardini, Todd Conner, and Gonçalo Ruivo

May 13th

Andressa Furletti, Rodrigo Nogueira, and Patricia Oliveira

May 20th

Monica Vilela, Tadeu Aguiar, and Well Aguiar

May 27th

Anna Toledo, Yasmin Santana, and Ibsen Santos


June 3rd

Cristhiane Oliveira, Modesto Lacen, and Idalmis Garcia


June 10th 

Debora Balardini, Ana Carbatti, and Paulo Palado

June 17th

Fabiana Mattedi, Monica Vilela, and Josanna Vaz


June 24th

Andressa FurlettiVannessa Gerbelli, and Flavia Santana

July 1st

Nate SpeareBushra Laskar, and Johnny Meyer

July 8th

Marcos BredaMonica Vilela, and Luciana Favero

July 15th

Ana CarbattiNalu Romano, and Vanessa Grecco

July 22nd

Andressa Furletti, and Bruno Capinan

July 29th

Andrea Mattar, Andressa FurlettiFabiana Mattedi, and Monica Vilela


August 5th

Qianna BrooksQuentin Lee Moore, and Karen Alvarado

August 12th

Ana CarbattiMel Lisboa, and Stella Tobar

August 19th

Debora Balardini, Monica Vilela, and Sabine Villatore


August 26th

Alexandre Mofati, Andressa Furletti, Marcello Melo

October 07th

Débora Olivieri, Flávia Santana and Monica Vilela

October 14th

Fabiano Nunes, Vanessa Pascale and Well Aguiar

October 21st

Ana Carbatti, Debora Balardini and Luciano Andreys

October 28th

Andressa Furletti, Emanuelle Araújo and Marcello Melo

November 4th

Josanna Vaz, Sandro Isaack and Stella Tobar

November 11st

Elias Andreato, Flávia SantanaVanessa Gerbelli ,  Carla Moita

and choreography by Pedro Pires


November 18th

Andressa Furletti, Lilian Valeska and Zezé Motta

November 25th

Debora Balardini, Guilherme Weber and Leticia Soares 


December 2nd

Mel Lisboa, Monica Vilela and Flávia Santana

December 9th

 Ana CarbattiAndressa Furletti, Debora Balardini, Monica Vilela and Renata Sorrah

The Happy Hour Online was a free event hosted via Zoom.

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