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Crowfunding Campaign

"All the world began with a yes. One molecule said yes to another molecule and life was born. But before prehistory there was the prehistory of the prehistory and there was the never and there was the yes."

Clarice Lispector - The Hour of the Star

Do you say "yes" to Clarice Lispector?

Do you say "yes" to Brazilian theater in NY?

Do you say "yes" to presenting Brazilian culture in NY through performing arts?

Do you say "yes" to Group.BR?

Do you say "yes" to an immersive theatrical experience on Clarice Lispector's works?

Some amazing artists said "yes" to this project and offered their art as a perk to those also saying "yes".

What about you? What do you say?

Curious? Want to know more about all this? 

Keep scrolling down and learn more.

Rizza Bomfim
CARLOTAS numbered toyart
CARLOTAS numbered spraycan
Samantha Lish
Edgar Duvivier - miniatura 1
Edgar Duvivier - miniatura 2
J Borges - passarada
Edgar Duvivier - trem para morte
Edgar Duvivier - Luzes da Favela $500
Robert Wilson - DVD 2
Robert Wilson - dvd
J Borges - coração de mulher
Luiza Baldan

GROUP.BR'S MISSION IS to bring Brazilian culture to New York stages through the performing arts. Physical theater - where body movement is a form of communication - is our main tool to expose the works of Brazil’s most renowned artists. Our plays are performed in Portuguese with English subtitles. We provide New York audiences with a deeper, more nuanced exploration of Brazilian culture, beyond the familiar depictions of the country and traditions, as well as the unique opportunity to enjoy still unknown Brazilian dramaturgy and the musicality of the Portuguese language.

INSIDE THE WILD HEART IS a site-specific, fully immersive and participatory theatrical experience that transports audiences directly inside Clarice Lispector’s heart. The performance happens in a house setting where the audience can freely walk from room to room following the performers and interacting with the environment​. Each room is an art installation inspired by a strong element in Clarice's writing.

Our vision is to create a sensory experience that encourages audiences to be active participants, rather than passive spectators, and engage with literature on a sensorial level. The show, created by Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini and directed by Regina Miranda, integrates visual arts, film, music and performance art to embody the writer’s deepest feelings.The show goes along the lines of successful immersive theater productions in NY such as Then She Fell, Queen of the Night and Sleep no More.

CLARICE LISPECTOR (1920 – 1977) IS one of Brazil’s most important literary figures. She, who has been described as the most important Jewish writer since Franz Kafka, was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to Brazil as an infant, following the devastation of World War One. Her trademark stream-of-consciousness writing styling is often compared to that of Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. Lispector is sadly relatively unknown outside of her Brazil. With the recent translation and publication of her complete short stories and other selected works as well as her biography, by author Benjamin Moser, she is gaining heightened appreciation and acclaim within America’s literary canon. In fact, Lispector’s Complete Stories is recognized in the New York Times list of 2015 notable books, the National Post of Canada’s list of best books of the year, the Boston Globe’s Best Books of 2015, and in the list of 24 Best Fiction Books of 2015 by Buzzfeed Books. The underlying thread across Lispector’s work is the questioning of oneself and humanity. Her work is universal, transcending ethnicity, race, religion, time, gender and place. Many people say, and we agree, that you don’t just read Clarice, you experience it. This visceral experience of her work was the inspiration for the conception of the show Inside the Wild Heart.

What about now? Do you say "yes"?

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