Inside the Wild Heart, Clarice Lispector, Andressa Furletti, Brazilian theater, Brazilian arts, immersive theater, improv, Dentro do Coração Selvagem, off Broadway


“Entre o ”sim” e o “não” só há um caminho: escolher.”

“Between the “yes” and the “no” there is only one way: choosing.”

• After admission, you will embark upon an individual journey. You may stay Inside the Wild Heart for as long as you wish up to closing time.



• The performance lasts about 2 hours without intermission. 



•  The audience will be admitted 15 minutes prior to the performance time.



• Late admittance is at the discretion of Group .BR's staff.



• This performance is not recommended for audience members who are not comfortable standing, walking, climbing stairs or being alone. Because of the immersive nature of this piece, audiences may be standing for several minutes at a time over the course of the performance. Audiences are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes.



• Our environment contains a number of textures, so as water, ink, clay and beverages that can potentially stain clothing or shoes. We do not take responsibility for patrons’ personal items and advise you to keep this in mind when dressing for the show.



• No under 16 years old unaccompanied is admitted. All participants MUST present a valid ID at the door.



• Audience members that act disrespectfully towards the performers, staff or other audience members will be asked to leave the Wild Heart with no refunds.



• All ticket sales are final and non-refundable.



• Photography is permitted only after the performance. We kindly ask you to be mindful of not disturbing other audience members by taking pictures. Posting your pictures on social media? Tag us @groupdotbr and use the hashtag #insidethewildheart. Every week we will award our favorite picture

• If you have any food allergy, 
Group .BR highly recommends you not accept any food or beverage that might be offered during the performance.



• There is a cat in the space. We kindly ask the audience to not chase it. People with cat allergy should be aware of this. As much as we keep the space clean, you may be in contact with cat’s hair.



• Feathers are used during the performance of Inside the Wild Heart. People with allergies should be aware of traces of feathers in the space. 

• We will ask you to check bags and coats to have more freedom Inside the Wild Heart.

• We encourage you to participate but we respect your desire to participate or not.  In doubt just try this: “if you were you, how would you be and what would you do?”



• Scenes happen simultaneously, it's basically eleven plays happening at the same time so let go of the desire of seeing it all at once. Feel free to create your own journey and get lost inside Clarice Lispector's wild heart.




Clarice Lispector