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Tickets are now on sale

and the early bird will get an extra worm! 

Those who get early bird tickets for Saravá! São João will not only get the best price but also receive a $10 discount code to discount to NY Forró Fest’s ‘Fest Pass’ and ‘Party Pass’ tickets. It is applicable even on top of their early bird tickets so don't miss the deal!


Hey, our last two Saravá! parties were sold out, get your tickets now!

YES, there will be

Festa de São João!

Yes, there will be Festa de São João,

but there will be no tradução! Translation não.

Because Festa de São João is Festa de São João,

so we won’t Saint John Party you.

São João is when Brazilian people feel homesick. Again!

Because it is a truly Brazilian celebration

almost as big as carnival

that takes the country every June.

Picture a mix of Portuguese, African and indigenous festivities

translated into unique music, dance, play and dance

with a truly Brazilian soul.

Come have a bite!


There will be live forró with Forró in the Dark

and Trio Little Birds with the special guest Liz Rosa,

there will be DJapa, DJ Greg Caz and Deøgaz

spinning the best of Brazilian beats,

there will be a free forró dance class by NY Forró Fest

with Sabrina Evangelista & Daniel Silva

there will be typical food, drinks, games, dance

and there will be quadrilha! É verdade!

Forró in the Dark

Trio Little Birds + Liz Rosa

Deøgaz • DJ Greg Caz • DJapa


Food • Games • Dance • Art Installations by Group .BR

Adding to the artistic feeling from House of Yes, the party will have a theatrical approach to Brazilian culture that has been the Group .BR's signature, featuring performances, dance, and art installations inspired by the richness of the Brazilian June celebrations.

Kids accompanied by parents or legal guardians are welcome from 3-6pm.

Performance and Art
Dress for Fun


You don’t have to dress up,

but why wouldn’t you?

Need some inspiration? 


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Dancing quadrilha is easy and fun!


Group .BR will offer a free workshop to go over the Quadrilha basic moves so you can join the fun at Saravá! São João.

With Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini

June 14th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 pm

North Brooklyn Farms

320 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249


Dancing quadrilha is a big Festa Junina tradition. Most of these dances emerge from 19th century Europe, which were brought by the Portuguese. The quadrilha features couple formations around a mock wedding whose bride and groom are the central focus of the dance to celebrate the fertility of the land. People dance in pairs and the singer from the band commands the dance by calling and explaining what the next steps are. 






In some Afro-Brazilian religions, Saravá is used as a mantra to invoke the force that moves nature. It can also be used as a greeting that would translate into “save your force” but also means "welcome".


House of Yes is known for being a temple of expression dedicated to connection, creativity and celebrating life. The collective of artists behind of the voted best venue of the northeast by the DJ Mag, believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space, that performance, dance and art can inspire and heal us, that the world can be a better place, that weird is wonderful and that consent is essential

House of Yes



Artistic Director

Andressa Furletti


Excecutive Director

Debora Balardini


Andressa Furletti • Debora Balardini • Monica Vilela

Stage Manager

Danielle Villela


Andressa Furletti • Debora Balardini • Fabiana Mattedi • Gio Miele • Julio Kaczan • Kristin Rion • Monica Vilela • Patricia Marjorie • Pedro Pires • Sandro Isaack • Yasmin Santana 



Ben Boyles


Ana Moioli • Marina Zurita


Guilherme Pedra • Mariana Zahran • Marli Lilja • Mitchel Bueno 

Visual Artists

Andrea SegattoAndressa FurlettiTati VitsicWaldeck Filho


Andrea's Brazilian Homemade GoodsMari Tamiozzy Vegan Chef

Feijoada Vegan da Marisol

Official Photos and Videos

Lívia Sá

Creative Director and Designer

Yasmin Santana

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